NICE One-Pagers


Atopic Eczema in Children


Diagnose atopic eczema if:

Clear Normal skin, no evidence of active atopic eczema No impact on quality of life
Mild Areas of dry skin, infrequent itching (w or w/o small areas of redness) Little impact on everyday activities, sleep and psychosocial wellbeing
Moderate Areas of dry skin, frequent itching, redness (w or w/o excoriation and localised skin thickening) Moderate impact on ADL, psychosocial wellbeing, frequently disturbed sleep
Severe Widespread areas of dry skin, incessant itching, redness (with or without excoriation, extensive skin thickening, bleeding, oozing, cracking) Severe limitation on ADL, psychosocial functioning, nightly loss of sleep



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